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The Construction Process

We go to great lengths to properly plan and prepare for all our projects before any building begins.

Once the actual construction begins, we strive to move it through to completion according to the schedule with little delay.

Since our project designs are well thought-out, our trade partners are scheduled well in advance, and our carpenters manage their schedules daily, so your project will move along as smoothly as possible.

The Design Process

During the design process, we work with you to conceptualize your ideas and develop them into a workable plan, determine the feasibility of the project with regard to permitting, engineering and construction, help to establish a reasonable budget, develop a scope of work, and provide you with pricing for the project.

We often involve our trusted trade partners, such as our plumbers and electricians to solicit their expertise. Since we are designers as well as builders, we strive to cultivate your ideas into a plan that is functional, aesthetically pleasing, and build-able.

Remodeling & Additions

You love your home, however it needs updating or expanding. Let us show you the possibilities! Much of what can be said for our building process also holds true for our remodeling. Whether you’re making minor or major renovations, we will make the process as smooth as possible.

We will keep your renovations moving along in a timely manner and will keep you informed of what is happening with your project, either through chats with your lead carpenter on-site, your project manager, or communication through the office.

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