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What do 'Sustainable Construction' and 'Green Building' really mean? Generally, the terms “green building” and “sustainable construction” can be used interchangeably. They are the practice of increasing the efficiency with which buildings and their sites use energy, water, and materials, and reducing building impacts on human health and the environment over the entire life cycle of the building. Green building concepts extend beyond the walls of buildings and can include site planning, community and land use planning issues as well.The U.S. Green Building Council defines green building as “the weaving together of many energy-efficient, resource-efficient and people-friendly practices in the responsible design and construction of our buildings and living environments.”

Many associate “green” with expensive energy-saving solutions but the depth and scope of sound green building affects us all as we become a part of building a better, more sustainable future. It’s more than energy conservation: it’s a matter of future preservation.

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